The art of Italian gesticulation

A crash course in Italian hand gestures
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Thought it was easy? Think again! I only got the hang of the f*** *** one this year… apparently I wasn’t getting my hand swing right. Oh, and I wasn’t closing my hand in a fist as I was supposed to (thanks to Martina Tirabassi and Ceci D’Azzo I soon learnt not to dare get that wrong)! Italian versatility goes beyond regions, cuisine, dialects, political manoeuvering, tax swerving strategies and ways to take your coffee. Italians are famous the world over for their creative hand gestures and they are incredibly contagious.

I learnt a new one only the other day and got one of my Italian colleagues from “La Stampa” to illustrate it to me, with the help of a Mexican assistant (I hope to upload the video I have of this soon). Their little act would have put even Louis C.K to shame, that’s how hard I laughed! The meaning of the particular hand gesture they acted out was : “Let’s be off!”

Above are a couple of videos and an article published by The Guardian, which I found particularly entertaining. I hope you do too!


20 ways to slice Europe

20 ways to slice Europe

Although this interpretation of our Continent seems to have been created before the crisis (as image 1 suggests), the depictions/statements are largely true! In Italy’s case, I would say 1, 3 and 20 are highly debatable, things are not as black-and-white as the images suggest. As for images 4, 6, 8,13 and 19: these are some of the reasons why Italy beats the UK any day for me!

And since today is International Worker’s Day, I should say that image 12 is completely mistaken as far as one small team of editors and translators is concerned! Vatican Insider never sleeps!